April 4, 2008

Why does furniture polish have real lemons but food has artificial lemon flavor?

Some things just don't make sense with our food and of course life, but this post is food and health related.

Have you ever wondered why food products have artificial Lemon flavor and furniture polish has real lemons?

When people inhale the first smoke from a cigarette they get dizzy, light headed and feel nauseous but they keep puffing thinking, oh I'll get used to it. But, if they taste food that makes them dizzy, light headed and nauseous they think, oh this food is bad I'm not going to eat it.

When people witness a car accident on icy roads they think, oh the road is slippery over there so I'll use the other lane. When people are at a funeral of someone who has died of disease due to a bad diet they eat the same kind of bad food with the family after the funeral.

Nobody would let a 10-year-old smoke cigarettes because it's going to harm their health but we feed processed foods, sugar, and junk food loaded with chemicals that will harm their health.

We put our babies in car seats because we want to protect them and of course it's the law. Then we feed them foods with synthetics and chemicals.

Grocery stores do not have food, they have products to make food.

If grocery stores have isles labeled Health Food, does this mean all the other food is un-health food or death food?

Why do people drink alcohol, hug the toilet and repeat all over again?

Add your own "This just doesn't make sense" food or health thought below.

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  1. Why do vegetarians make food to taste like MEAT? Why not just eat a carrot between 2 slices of bread vice grinding it into the consistency of hamburger and making it taste like hamburger?

  2. "Exercise" equipment that moves your body for you while you sit or stand perfectly still...I don't even know where to start with what's wrong with that!

    Kid-style breakfast cereal full of artificial colors and tons of sugar labeled "part of a healthy breakfast." Only if your kid was Buddy the Elf! (elf food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup) :)

  3. It's funny how people who are on a fitness diet and craving to lose weight consciously order a double beef cheese burger or a sizzling meaty steak or a lasagne with a DIET COKE.

  4. how about overweight people who have obvious diet vices, but insist on antibacterial soaps and avoid touching door knob handles because they are afraid of germs...?


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