September 15, 2013

Products For Freckles and Stretch Marks

I'm a native Texan so that means I have years of sun damage to my skin! I have a lot of freckles on my face and across my shoulders, being a natural red head doesn't help!

 I'm testing/researching this new product and so far I like it, a lot!

Here's a little bit of what their website says: Remove Those Freckles With SkinBright! Developed through years of research, Skinbright's exclusive formula combines nature's most effective lightening ingredients into one powerful solution, for both men and women, that will remove the appearance of all types of freckles. SkinBright is also a potent overall skin brightener that will bring your skin a light healthy glow, and a more radiant and even tone. SkinBright will begin to remove the appearance of freckling, in some cases, in as little as 2 weeks!

 I'm not going to tell you that this product is going to give dramatic skin changes, I'll let you discover that for yourself. Remove freckles with SkinBright!
Before And After Age Spots
Let us know how it worked for your freckles :)

Another problem area is stretch marks for women after having babies.  This product is another one I'm checking out!  What they say on their site:

Make Your Stretch Marks a Thing of the Past!
StriaFade for stretch marksAre you suffering from stretch marks due to pregnancy, or weight changes? Have they made you feel self conscious and uncomfortable about your appearance? Perhaps you are pregnant and afraid you may develop stretch marks during pregnancy. If so we have the solution. Through extensive research and development, StriaFade was specifically formulated to prevent stretch marks and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks in both men and women. Whether your stretch marks are due to pregnancy, weight loss, or body building, StriaFade is the answer. StriaFade will begin to reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks, in some cases, in as little as one month!

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