March 26, 2017

Natural Treatments For Vasculitis

Are There Natural  Treatments For Vasculitis?

Patients with vasculitis learn that making the diagnosis is sometimes quite difficult. Many endure numerous doctors’ visits, tests, and hospitalizations before the pieces of the puzzle are assembled. The diagnosis of vasculitis usually requires a biopsy of an involved organ (skin, kidney, lung, nerve, temporal artery). This allows us to ‘see’ the vasculitis by looking under a microscope to see the inflammatory immune cells in the wall of the blood vessel.

Now are there any natural treatments for Vasculitis? Yes, there are. Sometimes it's a change in diet or adding superfood supplements. 

Read what happened to Ben here.

Ben started taking the Soul product along with some of the ingredients found in the other two products, specifically the Beet Juice and Hawthorn Berry, within 2 weeks. He would do a shot in the morning and again in the afternoon. By January of 2017, his C-reactive protein level was back to normal with absolutely no other treatment.

Now these are amazing results .... Will it happen like this with you or someone you know? We don't know for sure but what if it does? How cool would that be? Very Cool Indeed! 

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